Discounted Bus Travel for 16-24 Yr olds

I want to hear your views on discounted bus travel for 16-24 yr olds.

This week the Welsh Labour Government has launched a consultation to explore how best to promote bus travel amongst young people.

The consultation will encourage and consider views from interested individuals, groups and organisations across Wales and will look at how best to facilitate bus use amongst 16-24 year olds. It will last until the 4 January 2018.

Based on the outcome of the consultation, a new scheme for young people will then be introduced in April 2018 – one that best reflects the needs and preferences of young people and helps further boost bus travel as an option.

“It is important that local young people have their say on how a discounted travel scheme works”
“I know that discounted bus travel would make a huge difference to young people in my constituency accessing employment, education and training, as well as provide independence.”

The consultation can be accessed here…/discounted-bus-travel-you…