Can you get help with your Council Tax Bill?

Each year the Welsh Government make money available so that local councils can help a number of people get help with their council tax bill.This is called Council Tax Reduction and in my constituency you need to contact either Cardiff Council or the Vale of Glamorgan Council as appropriate, or use the Welsh Government website for more information

Householders may be entitled to pay less council tax if they:

  • Live on a low income
  • Live alone, or with people or children who do not pay council tax
  • Are a student
  • Are disabled
  • Are a carer
  • Are mentally impaired.

The scheme currently benefits one in five of all households in Wales. In the last year almost 280,000 low-income households have received help from the scheme, with 220,000 paying no council tax at all.  Many more receive ther discounts or exemptions.