Care homes benefiting from digital devices rollout

Care homes across Wales are benefiting from digital devices being delivered to them as part of a Welsh Government scheme to help residents keep in touch with friends and family, and to assist with video medical consultations

Over the past few weeks the Digital Communities Wales: Digital Confidence, Health and Well-being Programme, delivered by the Wales Co-operative Centre, has been distributing the devices to care homes in all parts of Wales, and is providing remote support and training to key workers on how to use and operate the technology with people in their care..

To date, 745 devices* have been delivered to 401 care homes* as part of the scheme, with 313 care homes receiving staff training on the NHS Wales Video Consulting Service (*see notes to editors for breakdown by Health Board).

Deputy Health and Social Services Minister Julie Morgan said:

“The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us, and it has been particularly challenging for older people and those living in care homes who are unable to see friends and loved ones.

“Technology has played a key role over the past few weeks in helping keep people in touch, and allowing medical consultations to take place without the need for visits to the GP or hospital.  I’m pleased to see that digital devices have been reaching care homes, making things easier for staff and residents.

“We’ve seen the use of digital technology across the NHS and social care accelerate over the past few months as a result of the pandemic.  Many of the changes will be with us for the future allowing people to stay connected and improve access to services.” 

Derek Walker, Chief Executive at the Wales Co-operative Centre, said:

“The pace of the digital revolution in health and care has picked up dramatically as a result of this crisis. We know from experience that digital skills can transform lives and providing devices is an important part of improving digital inclusion along with good connectivity.

“Our Digital Communities Wales programme has been able to provide support and training to staff so that they have the confidence, knowledge and skills to use technology themselves and help others do the same. We’re proud to be working alongside NHS Wales colleagues and TEC Cymru to help make this difference.”