New Railway Stations for St Mellons and Rover Way

Cardiff South and Penarth Assembly Member Vaughan Gething has welcomed the Welsh Labour Government’s recent announcement that it is looking into building 12 new railway stations in Wales. Two of the proposed sites for a new railway station include Newport Road/Rover Way and St Mellons, in the east of the constituency.
Proposals for new stations across Wales have come forward from a range of sources, including the National Transport Finance Plan. The feasibility of the proposed sites will now be examined. The locations under consideration include three in Cardiff and two each in Swansea and Wrexham.

Responding to the announcement Vaughan Gething said: “I am delighted that St Mellons and Rover Way in my constituency have been earmarked as possible sites for a new railway station. Since my election in 2011 I have campaigned and supported the case for new railway stations in the East of my constituency. A new railway station will improve access to jobs, reduce pollution and help to alleviate congestion. Together with the South Wales Metro this will have a hugely positive impact on my constituency.

It is not just about infrastructure; it is about people and the opportunities, services and facilities available to them”.